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Pingel Motorcycle Wheel Chock

pingel motorcycle wheel chock

    wheel chock
  • Wheel chocks (or chocks) are wedges of sturdy material placed behind a vehicle's wheels to prevent accidental movement. Chocks are placed for safety in addition to setting the brakes. The bottom surface is sometimes coated in rubber to enhance grip with the ground.

  • A block placed in front of the back wheels of a truck or trailer to prevent the vehicle from moving away from the dock during loading and unloading.

  • A wedge-shaped block put under a wheel to prevent a vehicle from rolling

  • motorbike: ride a motorcycle

  • MotorCycle is the title of a 1993 album by rock band Daniel Amos, released on BAI Records. The album was dedicated to the memory of songwriter Mark Heard.

  • a motor vehicle with two wheels and a strong frame

  • A two-wheeled vehicle that is powered by a motor and has no pedals

pingel motorcycle wheel chock - Pingel Removable

Pingel Removable Wheel Chocks - T-Bolt with Threaded Insert WC-TO

Pingel Removable Wheel Chocks - T-Bolt with Threaded Insert WC-TO

Stabilize the front wheel of a motorcycle for trailer transportation
Wheel chocks can easily be removed when not in use
Chocks are made of thick-wall steel tube construction and feature a chrome finish
61/2in. wheel chock has clearance for motorcycles with large rotors and is designed with a three-bend radius that will keep any width tire centered in the chocks
Mounting brackets remain fastened while the chocks are easily removed by unscrewing the T-bolt hold-down screw
Additional mounting kits may be purchased separately, enabling you to move the chock from one surface to another without removing the mounting brackets
Wheel chock mounting brackets are patented
If it does not say Pingel it is not the real thing
Made in the U.S.A.

79% (11)

DSC 0037

DSC 0037

Another view of the Pingel wheel chock.

DSC 0041

DSC 0041

The Pingel wheel chock mounts.

pingel motorcycle wheel chock

pingel motorcycle wheel chock

Pingel Series E Track Wheel Chock System WC65ER

Fits Tire Widths up to 6-1/2 Recess Mount
Fits Tire Widths up to 3-1/2 Recess Mount
Allows you to locate your motorcycle anywhere along the track for best position
Multiple motorcycles can now be quickly and easily installed in your trailer with optimum space utilization
With Series E Track already in place, there is no further hardware to install
Installation is easy: 2 clips and a pull of a strap and your chock is secured
Installs securely in both recessed and floor mounted Series E Tracks
Features a heavy-duty, thick-wall steel, construction plated with a lustrous chrome finish, durable aluminum mounting plate and quality fasteners
Patent pending
Wheel chock only, track not included

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