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Trd Steering Wheel

trd steering wheel

    steering wheel
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  • A wheel that a driver rotates in order to steer a vehicle

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trd steering wheel - Wheel, TRD

Wheel, TRD 17" Forged Off-Road

Wheel, TRD 17" Forged Off-Road

Wheel, TRD 17" Forged Off-RoadNote: Wheel installation kit, PTR27-60080 is required. This kit comes with 16 Spline Drive Conical-Seat 14mm Lug Nuts with captured conical swivel washers, 1 Spline Drive Tool, 4 TRD Wheel Locks with TRD logo laser-etched on top of each lock, and 1 TRD Wheel Lock Tool. Wheels use 20 degree wheel sensor 42607-0C050 and fit kit 04423-0C170. 20 degree sensors are already on 18 inch standard steel wheel and factory 18 and 20 inch alloy wheels. The styled steel wheels have 40 degree sensors and must be changed. Required Door jamb label, owner's manual, and vinyl pouch 00602-06999 are available through the MDC. Must order 1 Owner's Manual Tire Pressure Label, MDC# 00602-35061 from the MDC for each vehicle. FOR TUNDRA: Must also order 1 Tire Pressure Door Jamb Label, MDC# 00602-34085 for each vehicle. FOR SEQUOIA: Must also order 1 Tire Pressure Door Jamb Label, MDC# 00602-0C085 for each vehicle. FOR LAND CRUISER: Must also order 1 Tire Pressure Door Jamb Label, MDC# 00602-60080 for each vehicle. TRD 17" x 8.0" x 50mm Forged Aluminum Off-Road Wheel with Bead Lock Styling. 5 on 150mm P.C.D. 110 mm Center Bore. Uses Conical-Seat Lug nuts 14mm x 1.5. Vehicle Application/Model Year: LANDCRUISER 2008 - 2009, SEQUOIA 2008 - 2008, TUNDRA 2007 - 2009.

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My Ride

My Ride

96' Toyota Corona EX Saloon

Engine Bay
-TRD Radiator Cap 1.3
-TRD Strut Bar
-TRD Oil Cap
-TRD Iridium SparkPlugs
-Tenzo R Performance Filter
-MItsuba Horn
-Custom Grounding Kit

Exhaust System
-Mandrel Bent 4-2-1 Headers with Flange by Mufflerland
-Flexi Pipe
-2" Aluminized Mandrel Bent Pipes
-24" Aluminized Resonator/Stainless Resonator
-RS*R Muffler

-H & R Sports Springs 1.5 Front 1.75 Rear

-TRD Mesh Grille
-TRD Fuel Cap
-TRD Plate Frame
-Caldina Gen2 Bumper
-Koito Crystal Headlights with Philips H4 6000K HID Kit
-OEM Foglamps with Xenon H3 6000k HID kit
-JDM Corona Moonroof with switch
-JDM Side Mirror Retracs
-JDM Backglass with wiper
-Custom Chin
-Custom Vertical Door Kits (ERS MOTORSPORTS)
-Paint By: Shop of Mon3rdgen

-17s Work Jwing XR-01 , Tires (Dunlop Lemans 215/R17/45)
-Rota Burnout
-Toyota Matrix 2007
-18s ARD GT SPoke

-Exsior Tail lights

-TRD Steering Wheel
-TRD Shift Knob
-Motorized Sunshade with TRD
-Reverse Indiglo Gauges
-Bride XAX2 Racing Seats
-TOM's 4pt. Harness
-Custom Shift Boot
-Broadway Rear view Mirror
-Custom Toyota Seat Cover with Red stitches
-OEM Pole Antenna Switch
-OEM Floor Lamp Switch
-3M Nomad Mattings (Black)

Audio & Video Setup
-Car Media World
(Indash Motorized 7" Touchscreen LCD with MP3, DVD, FM/AM and Tv Tuner)
-Rear Cam with Auto Light Adjustment and Night Vision
-Pioneer 8850
-SEPS: Focal Polyglass 165vr
-AMP: Cerwin Vega xl300.4
-SUB: Cerwin Vega V-max 12"
-AMP: Cerwin Vega xl600.1
-Custom Woodworks with plexi glass and strobe lights

Righthand drive Chevrolet Cavalier Z24

Righthand drive Chevrolet Cavalier Z24

I drove this car for over a month in NZ Dec 2004

As part of a wider effort to avoid additional restrictions on exports to the US, the third generation model was briefly sold in Japan by Toyota under an agreement with GM, badged as the Toyota Cavalier as in return for the Geo/Chevrolet Prizm. Aside from the fact that it was right hand drive, the Toyota Cavalier also featured a leather-wrapped shift knob and steering wheel, wider front fenders, amber turn signals for Japanese regulations, power folding side mirrors, side turn signal repeater lights on the front fenders, and carpeting on the inside of the trunk lid. Interior seats were often flecked with color, and the rear seat had a fold-down armrest. All models featured wheels borrowed from the Pontiac Sunfire. The Toyota Cavalier was available in 2.4G and 2.4Z trim levels. The Toyota Cavalier was entirely produced by GM in the USA and sold from 1995–2000. 1996-2000 Toyota Cavaliers came equipped with the 2.4 L LD9 engine, while the 1995 used the 2.3 L Quad 4.

While all Chevrolet-badged Cavaliers received a facelift for 2000, the Toyota did as well with the updated center console, head-lights/hood/front bumper, tail-lights, and colors available.

A fair number of these vehicles are re-exported as Japanese used cars, most notably to New Zealand. Production of the Toyota Cavalier ceased in June 2000.

TRD made a body kit and rear wing for the Cavalier, available exclusively in Japan.

trd steering wheel

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