6 Lug To 5 Lug Wheel Adapters

6 lug to 5 lug wheel adapters

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6 lug to 5 lug wheel adapters - Hitachi NT50AE2

Hitachi NT50AE2 18-Gauge 5/8-Inch to 2-Inch Brad Nailer

Hitachi NT50AE2 18-Gauge 5/8-Inch to 2-Inch Brad Nailer

The lightweight Hitachi NT50AE2 2-Inch 18-Gauge Brad Nailer is an ideal tool for a small carpentry projects. Featuring a high-capacity magazine, exhaust vent, easy depth-of-drive adjustments, and a removable nose cap for prolonged tool life, this pneumatic brad nailer will help you tackle everything from cabinet installation and picture-frame assembly to furniture construction and finish work.

This brad nailer offers dual firing options and a high-capacity magazine for efficiency.
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NT50AE2 2-Inch 18-Gauge Brad Nailer
Tool Features
Intermittent or continuous firing

Tool-less depth-of-drive adjustment

Lightweight, ergonomic design

360-degree adjustable exhaust vent

No-mar nose cap

Safety glasses, a mounted nose cap, and a protective case are included.
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Dual Firing Options for Precise or Continuous Driving
Featuring selective actuation for making tool-less firing transitions, the NT50AE2 Brad Nailer can be used for a variety of different applications. By simply sliding the selection control up or down with your hand, you can choose between intermittent and continuous firing. Intermittent firing is ideal for jobs that require precise driving, while the continuous setting can be used to fire nails at a rapid pace by using a bumping motion along the workpiece.
Adjustable Depth of Drive for Accuracy
The NT50AE2 features a convenient depth-of-drive adjustment knob located near the nose. Simply turn the dial half way to make quick, accurate modifications to the driving depth with no tools required.
High-Capacity Magazine for Reduced Downtime
For further convenience, the NT50AE2 features a bottom-loading magazine that's designed for quick and easy loading of 5/8-2 inch brad nails with head sizes between 0.075 and 1.9 mm. The magazine has a capacity of approximately 100 brad nails (depending on the size of the nail), so you can go a long time between reloads. A visual nail indicator allows you to keep an eye on the number of nails in the magazine.
Designed for Comfort and Efficiency
With a lightweight aluminum body, the NT50AE2 weighs just 2.2 pounds and measures 10 x 9-3/16 x 2-3/8 inches (LxHxW)), so it's easy to maneuver. Its soft Elastomer grip provides optimum control and extended comfort for all-day jobs.
For further ease of use, Hitachi equipped the NT50AE2 with an adjustable, 360-degree exhaust vent. Also, an included no-mar nose cap protects the workpiece and the tool.
The NT50AE2 requires 70-120 psi operating pressure to function properly. It takes in air at a rate of 0.025 cubic feet per cycle at 100 psi.
The Hitachi NT50AE2 Brad Nailer is backed by a five-year limited warranty.
About Hitachi: A Tradition of Innovation
Hitachi Power Tools (Hitachi Koki USA, Ltd.) provides professional-grade power tools for a variety of applications, including woodwork, metalwork, concrete, drilling, cutting, and fastening. Hitachi is a leader in power tool research and development and has achieved many firsts in the power tool industry. Today, Hitachi continues the tradition of innovation and engineering with new features in addition to classic quality.
What's in the Box
NT50AE2 Brad Nailer, safety glasses, nose cap (mounted on tool), and protective case.

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Olympus E-P2 with Voigtlander 35/2.5 Color Skopar "C"

Olympus E-P2 with Voigtlander 35/2.5 Color Skopar "C"

I finally got all my cheap chinese adapters in the mail, and pulled out some of my (prettier) lenses. Here are some Camera Porn pics for all to see!

Olympus E-P2 with Voigtlander 35/2.5 Color Skopar "C", attached with an M-mount to micro 4/3 adapter.

Also I tricked out my new baby with this amazing custom leather skin from this awesome dude on ebay. The quality and craftsmenship is amazing on this thing. It fits like a glove, and looks amazingly sexy!

Been stuck in the house, so I havent had any time to go out and take test pics with each lens, but some day I will! I did a bunch in the house, but I wont bore you with those...I'll just say they all work and all of them take real purdy pics!

QUICK UPDATE! It has been about a month since I've had this skin on the camera. I still like it a lot. The only thing that has been getting a little annoying is that because the leather is so thick. It is starting to lift along the edges. Its not a big deal to push it back in place. The glue is pretty tacky, so it stick right back on. It's just a bit of a pain to have to remember to do this. It's especially annoying after not picking it up for a few days and the edges have lifted up enough that if I did forget to push it back down, it might actually catch on something. I think if the leather was just a hair thinner, this wouldn't be happening. I hope, in the future this guy starts using thinking material. I actually would love to get more. I really like his colors and textures.

UPDATE 2: I talked to the guy at JnK and he was very cool. He apologized and explained that they did have some problems with thickness. But they are now using thinner leather. AND he is going to send me a replacement skin for my troubles!

Week 5 - Tribute to Shiva

Week 5 - Tribute to Shiva

Week 5 /52

Shiva is the god of the yogis, self-controlled and celibate, while at the same time a lover of his spouse (Shakti). Lord Shiva is the destroyer of the world, following Brahma the creator and Vishnu the preserver, after which Brahma again creates the world and so on. Shiva is responsible for change both in the form of death and destruction and in the positive sense of destroying the ego, the false identification with the form. This also includes the shedding of old habits and attachments.

While of course many hindu deities are associated with different paths of yoga and meditation, in Shiva the art of meditation takes its most absolute form. In meditation, not only mind is stopped, everything is dropped. In deep meditation or samadhi, even the object of the meditation (like a mantra) is transformed into its formless essence, which is the essence of everything and everyone. Thus Shiva stands for letting go of everything in the world of forms. The path of Lord Shiva is the path of the ascetic yogi.

Tribute to Shiva

Production Assistant - Nadia Carvalho
Wardrobe - Gloria Teixeira
Makeup - Barbara Silva
Photography - Carlos Neto

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6 lug to 5 lug wheel adapters

6 lug to 5 lug wheel adapters

DEWALT D51238K  5/8-Inch to 2-Inch 18-Gauge Brad Nailer

The DeWalt D51238K 5/8-inch-to-2-inch 18-gauge Brad Nailer comes with tool-free depth adjustment assists for easily locating the ideal depth setting. Features include a side low-nail indicator window to quickly and easily see when it's time to reload, and an overmolded no-mar pad for greater visibility and durability. A tool-free jam clearing eliminates downtime from bent nails caught in the nosepiece, and a tool-free 360-degree exhaust channels air and dust away from user. Also included with this nailer is a trigger lock-off that allows the trigger to be disabled when not in use. This brad nailer comes with a pair of DeWalt safety glasses, an Allen wrench, and a heavy-duty kit box.

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